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John  Morris Shield

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(1)  Title:       
The name of the Group to be the South Wales Construction Safety Group 

(2)  Objects:  
The objects of the Group are as follows:- 

a.         To protect and preserve occupational health and safety in the    Construction Industry in the South Wales area. 

b.         In furtherance of these objects, but not otherwise, the Group may- 

i.          Foster and develop co-operation between employers and employees towards the establishment of active and efficient health and safety organisations. 

ii.         Provide facilities for studying relevant statutory Acts and Regulations, exchanging and disseminating knowledge by promoting lectures, discussions and publications. 

iii.        Co-operate in matters of occupational health and safety with the Government and other bodies. 

iv.        Promote training courses and other aids related to occupational health and safety. 

v.         Pursue other charitable activities connected with occupational health and safety in the Construction Industry. 

vi.        Do all such things as are necessary for furthering and promoting the said Objects 

(3)  Membership      

a.         Full Membership of the Group shall be open to any organisation or person engaged in or concerned with safety in building and construction, on a full-time or part-time basis. 

b.         Honorary Membership shall be open to such other organisations and persons and persons as the Committee and Group may from time to time decide. Honorary members shall not have voting rights. 

c.         Life Membership can be awarded to those who are and/or have been members of the group for many years and have given exceptional serviced to the group. Life members do not have to pay for their membership, but do have voting rights. The committee will have the sole right of awarding this accolade.

d.         Student Membership will be available to any student that is in full or part-time education at college studying any subject associated with construction. Student membership for any one person to be limited to four years.  

(4)  Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall be held in March or April of each year, the actual date to be settled by the Committee. 

Fourteen daysí notice in writing, together with a statement of business to be transacted shall be given to every member. Only Full Members whose subscriptions for the proceeding year are paid shall be entitled to vote. Only one person from each member firm or organisation may vote at the meeting. The Chairman of the meeting may have a casting vote. 

(5)  Postal Nominations of Members Committee        

Nominations to fill the Committee Member vacancies detailed under

Rule 6 (a) (iii) shall be received by the Honorary Secretary not less than 14 days

prior to the Annual General Meeting, and shall be proposed and seconded in


(6)  Annual General Meeting Business     

The Annual General Meeting shall:-

a.         Receive the reports of the Chairman and Honorary Secretary on the activities of the Group during the previous year. 

b.         Consider and if approved accept the Statement of Accounts for the previous year, which shall have been audited by the Auditors. 

c.         Elect: 

i.          The President and Vice-Presidents.

(up to three in number); 

ii.         The Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer. 

These Office-bearers will hold Office for one year unless special circumstances deem it advisable in the interests of the Groupís affairs that they should remain in Office for a further period. 

In the event of an Office-bearer having to stand down, a replacement Office-bearer will be appointed by the Executive Committee. 

iii.        Members to serve on the Committee. 

The Committee shall not exceed 10 in number; including the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer.

Three members shall retire annually and be eligible for re-election but will only be permitted to serve for a consecutive period of three years. Vacancies caused by members who retire before their term of Office shall be filled in accordance with Rule 8. 

iv.        Auditors. 

Two members of the Group Ė not holding any other Official Office, should be the approved Auditors of the Groupís Accounts. 

d.         Consider and decide upon any matter raised by a member of which at least seven daysí notice in writing shall have been given to the Honorary Secretary, (except in the case of alterations to the Constitution or rules see Rule 14). 

(7)  Management of the Group  

a.         The management of the Group shall be vested in the Committee, which shall consist of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary/Treasurer and the members elected in accordance with Rule 6 or appointed by the Main Committee under the powers vested in them under Rule 16 during the period between one Annual General Meeting and the succeeding Annual General Meeting in the event of a duly elected Committee member or officer not being able to continue in office for the full twelve months thereof. 

b.         The Vice- Chairman should automatically assume the office of Chairman of the Group at the appropriate time in the business conducted at the Annual General Meeting. 

c.         The retiring Chairman shall automatically be nominated to serve on the Committee. 

(8)  Co-opted Members of the Committee    

The Committee shall have power to fill such vacancies as from time to time may occur, to appoint Sub-Committees and to co-opt Members and Advisers.
Co-opted members and Advisors shall not have voting rights in Committee.

 (9)  Nominations for President and Vice-President   

 Nominations duly seconded, for the Offices of President Vice Presidents (see

Rule 6) shall be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary by the end of January

in each year. At least fourteen daysí notice in writing of such nominations shall be

given to all members.

NOTE:    Nominees for these appointments shall be persons who have given outstanding service to the cause of accident prevention.

 (10)  Extraordinary General Meetings

 The Committee, may, when necessary, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and must do so upon receipt of a request in writing signed by at least six Full Members. Fourteen daysí notice must be sent to all members together with the business to be transacted. No other business shall be dealt with.

(11)  Quorum    

 A Quorum shall be 10 of the Full Membership at the Annual or other General Meeting and three elected members at a Committee meeting. If at any meeting a quorum is not present the meeting may be held without a quorum after an adjournment of seven days, providing notice in writing has been given to members.

 (12)  Subscription  

 The annual subscription for membership shall be decided at each Annual General Meeting.

 (13)  Membership Applications and Terminations     

a.         Application for membership must be submitted in writing to the Committee for consideration and decision.

b.         A membership may be terminated by either party in writing.

 (14)  Rule Alteration        

 No alteration shall be made to the Constitution or Rules unless it be approved by a two-thirds majority of Full Members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. Any such proposal must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the meeting, provided that no alteration shall be made which would cause the Group to cease to be charitable at law. 

(15)  Disbursement of Funds     

 In the event of the winding up of the Group any surplus funds shall be transferred to some other organisation established solely for similar charitable purposes, as decided by the members at a General Meeting. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 (16)  General                    

 Any matter for which provision has not been made in the Constitution or Rules shall be dealt with at the discretion of the Committee.  

20 June 2011


Home Members Programme Committee Constitution

John  Morris Shield

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